Friday, September 21, 2012

FRAME-d up

I got hooked again with another DIY project...

Frames are awesome tool to make somethin , i.e pictures, looks really nice but since some of those that i like are a little bit expensive. I know i need to look for an alternative but still will look nice.

When we went to Dollar Tree, I bought a styrofoam board (poster type). I figure out that I can use it as a board of pictures but something in my head just whisper the word "FRAME".

This is my first DIY frame from the styroboard and wrapped it with black felt fabric. And since I planned to put this frame in my kiddo's room i wanted to make it look more "kid-friendly" so I used some of his magnetic letters and number (he has 4 sets) to add as details.

And then I saw this subway art (i thing that's how it is called) on the internet so I made my own using board and printed it to a poster board. and then i made the same frame (only smaller) styroboard and blackfelt and then add some white felt roses and burlap as leaves. It turns out to be pretty romantic frame.

As I was working on our Halloween mantel, I figure out to make this:

Instead of using black felt, I used white and put some black felt roses and those "swirls" are black yarn including the spider web, it may not be obvious from the picture, but the mess from the glue gun kinda give it a little more interesting details to the web.

And the last one I made (for now, 'coz I know I will make more in the coming days), is for our dining area. This is how it looks:

Instead of just plain black frame, I put some white strips. I also used orange felt fabric and burlap for the "centerpiece" and but out the word "CHOW" manually (felt fabric). 

I actually love all of them plus even when the fall, they are not gonna have cracked nor break.

Hope y'all like it too <3

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